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Every business needs security. Yours needs to be unbreachable.

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When tragedy or chaos strikes, there are one or two questions that are asked:

How did this happen?

How can we make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again?

The answer to the first question is, You never saw it coming. The second answer is, Early detection and prediction.

Recent technological breakthroughs in deep learning have allowed us to push the boundaries of prediction and prevention that otherwise would be unwarranted.

“The world is a dangerous place, not only because of those that do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

That's exactly what the current security camera surveillance systems have been doing forever. (It’s time for a disruptive approach.)

Your biggest security threat to date as an established business is a cyber threat or a physical threat. One threat enters through your digital systems and the other enters through an entryway.

One threat wants to hack and breach the sensitivity of all your information, while the other aims to put employees and customers in harm's way.

Osmond - Humanity’s Protector is the answer

We detect earlier in the attack vector-cycle than any other security software. We provide Security orchestration and automated response across physical and electronic boundaries

Osmond bridges the gap of protection between physical and cyber threats all in one package. Protecting businesses against terrible threats like a Cyber attack or a hacker trying to obtain and steal sensitive information or a possible gun threat, such as a mass shooting by detecting the threat behavior early and then alerting personnel and attempting to ward off the threats.

This complete PACKAGE includes:

  • Osmond detects and deters theft and robbery perpetrators.
  • Elevated temperature detection related to illnesses such as COVID-19
  • Our AI Surveillance Protection Software plugs right into your existing network of
    security systems and acts as your protector.
  • Within seconds of a Cyber threat or physical threat detected the Real Time video
    feed is escalated to onsite personnel and or first responders.
  • Osmond mobile app sends alerts and notifications with a concise pin of the exact area of the physical intruder or Cyber threat to staff and civilians, providing a proactive Path to Safety.
  • Early detection allows such events like a physical threat or a Cyber threat to be prevented before damage runs a full course. Osmond protects businesses assets and could even save employees or customers' lives.

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$1,000 monthly = $12,000

Save $500 by paying $11,500 annually upfront

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