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The Osmond gun-detection capability utilizes object detection/recognition by examining each frame of video from the surveillance feed. For standard, IP-based cameras with 140 lux or more and a 100 pixel size, Osmond detects a visible gun in less than three seconds.
• Knife Detection • Concealed Detection • Bomb Detection • Lost Child Detection
Currently, Osmond can integrate with Schlage locks.
Provided that cameras have at least 720 pixel resolution.
The Osmond team will work with your security team to create a system that is compatible with your existing hardware and meets your needs precisely. Osmond system is scalable. As you grow, our system can grow right along with you.
We can integrate as many as one hundred cameras on a single server.
Our cameras can analyze as few as four frames per second, and as many as thirty.
Osmond uses MySQL and PostgreSQL.
The Osmond runs on Linux but can easily integrate with your existing system.
The Osmondwill be very happy to provide cameras to meet your surveillance needs. Prices start at just $350.00 each camera. Please contact us for a free consultation and evaluation:
Our system can integrate with any IP camera with at least a 720 pixel resolution.
The Osmondis 99% accurate after a three second observation. However, clients always have the option to configure the system to alert internal security prior to reaching out to law enforcement.
This option is available to our clients but is not required. When clients choose to configure the system to contact police directly, the Osmond cameras transmit confirmed crimes using E911. This gives law enforcement instant and continual access to live video feeds.
The Osmond technicians will review your existing equipment for compatibility. Once we’re assured that your outbound traffic ports are compatible, we’ll ask for your camera names, IP addresses, and RTSP. Our installers will fix a time and date convenient for you and complete the installation.
The Osmond system can function as DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) or connect to our clients’ existing recording systems. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is designed to function as an NVR and communicates with all cameras on the network simultaneously.
The Osmondis security/surveillance software that integrates with most existing cameras. In order to receive the full AI suite, subscribers must install the recommended NVIDIA system. NVIDIA system cameras are available.
Stand alone digital device (A DVR with a network connection is an NVR unit) When people say Analog that means DVR (old school). We can integrate with some DVRs as long as they have Internet connection on the back of the DVR box.
Has a network connection (AI box plugs into your NVR)