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The Team


Our solution exercises A.I. capabilities to learn and escalate threat behavior and add to a data collection for future similarities. By utilizing smart recognition through security cameras, transmission of alarms, networks and threat alerts to local personnel and law enforcement personnel. Osmond makes us safer. With appropriate data regarding a potential security breach and off-site monitoring and control via smart devices and text and mobile app notifications Osmond keeps us informed and prepared.


Martin Randolph

Co-founder And CEO
Martin Randolph Is Co-founder and CEO of Osmond Inc makes the major corporate decisions, Manages the overall operations and resources of the Osmond and creates the company culture, acting as the main point of communication. Martin wears a hat at one time or another in all areas of the company, helping the team to succeed as a whole. Recruiting talents & Team Building is one of his specialties. Martin creates and helps define the vision for Osmond from invention idea to the point to execution strategy. Focusing on the numbers to grow the business while keeping the company’s vision and all major priorities to get there in mind. Delivering prep talks to the team to drive momentum and accede motivation and team productivity. conducting customer meetings, investor management, creating fundraising opportunities (both updating existing investors and meeting new ones), and speaking opportunities at industry networking events. Martin has been a serial entrepreneur and inventor for 10 years and has invented various products such as “Phone Finder Key case, Just Wait App and more. He founded Key 1 Technologies, Inc. in 2015 which spun out Just Wait mobile App to help stop texting and driving in exchange for prizes to its subscribers before selling the idea and early stage startup.

Victor Lazzaro

Co-founder And CSO

Victor Lazzaro is CSO and Co-founder of The Gates. His role is to assist in defining the detailed vision for the Gates, define the UI and manage the work required to execute the product concept to a production solution. Victor has been a product designer and inventor for over thirty years.

As a creative problem solver and visual design expert, he has spent most of his life in search of answers to how we can be more creative, function at our peak levels as individuals and as teams, and develop successful, win-win game changing product solutions. He has specialized in designing and bringing products successfully to market in his role as a Chief Strategy Officer, product inventor and team leader. Victor has been responsible for creating highly successful visual product languages for companies such as Cisco, Citrix, Lumenis, Abbott, and Bio Rad. His product designs in the consumer, medical and tech space have netted hundreds of millions to billions of dollars for his clients. Victor has advised many CEO’s and works beside Martin on product development, team dynamics and the creative process.
  1. Only recipient of the Thomas Lamb Award for Excellence in Design – the most prestigious award offered by RISD.
  2. Currently active on three board of directors.
  3. 31 years as a product development expert – Designs have been on the market, some up to twenty years and have generated billions in revenue.
  4. Officer for a nonprofit building child care facilities in vulnerable locations.
  • Rhode Island School of Design

Marc Johnson

Co-Founder, CTO and CISO of Osmond
HIPAA, NIST CSF, Information Security, CCPA, CPRA, Data Protection, Governance, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Asset Management, Identity & Access Management, Awareness & Training, DLP, Intrusion Detection, Anomolies & Events, EndPoint Detection & Response, Anti-Malware, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Threat Intelligence & Analytics, Vulnerability Management, Compliance Management, Encryption, Cloud Security, Policy Management