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Weapon Detection

Gun Detected

Weapon Detection

AI Technology detects weapons in real-time by classification, e.g. an AR-15 rifle versus a 9MM handgun. The difference in the damage that can be done is significant. Early detection is key in a proactive approach to protecting your customers, students, staff and patrons against a possible mass shooting


“Your security cameras are just an archive of captured events...
With Osmond they transform into gateways to prevention and proactive measures”

The usefulness of surveillance technology in preventing and solving crimes depends on the resources put into it. A security guard is not trained to act proactively but instead to react after the deed is done. Cameras are now everywhere human life can be found. Osmond acts as your Virtual ViewGuard, always monitoring surveillance video feeds, waiting to detect and help prevent the next Active shooter situation.

How It Works



AI Machine learning, facial recognition technology is used for gun detection on a 5G Network in real time and behavioral analyzation through Security Surveillance cameras.
On a 5G Network, without latency, detected threats are escalated to on site security, local personnel and local Police Dept via mobile app notifications, text message or email, Notifications will reach you anywhere. Administrative options are customizable.

Data and events are sent to the cloud for learning and historical analysis, and connections back to onsite gateway for “learning” purposes .
First responders and law enforcement receive an AI generated plan of approach, Google maps graph view. Based on the active shooters location and the layout and entry points of the affected premises first responders can choose to use this entry plan.

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