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Our Technology

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The most sophisticated AI enabled technology designed to connect directly to your current security camera system delivering reliable, and accurate threat detection – such as guns, rifles, semi-automatic weapons. 

Our Technology

  • Proactive Detection Technology – We Scann video footage, and movement across your facility We recognize threatening actions and systematically managing a set of predefined communication protocols, taking the appropriate steps to alert the right parties before threats can escalate. This Provides critical real-time information needed to make informed decisions.
  • Sophisticated Communication System - Once suspicious patterns are detected, The Osmond sends location information and video feeds to a designated team and authorities. Additionally, notifies call center or security monitoring center that can quickly act based on your instructions.
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence – the Osmond is A.I. powered technology that can analyze multiple data feeds in real time to identify threats and gather insight by system and surveillance cameras. The video tracking and analytics will determine patterns, motions, sounds and images and has the ability to cross-reference against a database of known weapons to provide informed insight.

How It Works:

Once a threat is detected, the Osmond technology sends a real-time video feed to your security staff, administrator or key personnel. Simultaneously, it is alerting the criminal that they have been identified and the authorities have been called.
The system recognizes suspicious motion in real time. It can identify objects and/or motion that are commonly used to commit a crime. Monitoring many cameras at once and alerting the appropriate individuals when a pattern is detected that would lead to a crime being committed.

Key Features:

  • Real Time Watching & Detection – Always on system to inform with live alerts. Monitor and track all alerts through web dashboard 
  • System Level Alerts Configuration - Standard configurable alert options to mobile phone, web, and on-premise alarm systems
  • Compliments CCTV – Our technology is designed for CCTV, we are compatible with any angle camera and in any light condition.
  • Mobile enabled – mobile applications to communicate to employees, law enforcement and the population vai mobile apps for iOS & Android.
  • Drone Integration

The Osmond Outdoors

The Osmond applies artificial intelligence to drone video cameras, allowing the video cameras to identify dangers and take action. Osmond drone(s) fly’s over entry ways and other points of entry at large gatherings, such as outdoor concerts, festivals and other events where mass amounts of people may be gathered. It can detect weapons, fights and other unusual activity and alert onsite security, safety officers and the local police via mobile app notifications. The advantage is that Drones can see blind spots of large events that otherwise may become the next entry point for a possible threat, such as an active shooter.